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Primary Types of Ships on the River 

The St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers are criss-crossed by a wide variety of ships. Would you know how to precisely identify the types and functions of the various ships that can routinely be seen along the river?

Barge A long, large, usually flat-bottom boat for transporting freight that is generally unpowered and towed or pushed by other craft. A barge is generally pulled or pushed by a tug.
Icebreaker A sturdy ship built for breaking a passage through icebound waters.  
Cruise ship A passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's amenities are part of the experience.  
Tanker A merchant ship, designed for the specific purpose of transporting liquid cargoes in bulk. Transportation of crude oil, chemicals, petroleum and other liquefied products.
Passenger liner A ship that visits designated ports on a regular schedule, carrying whatever cargo and passengers are available on the date of sailing.  
Containership A merchant ship specializing in transporting merchandise in containers.  
Tug A small but very powerful boat used to tow or move larger ships.  
Ferry A ship specifically configured for carrying passengers across a body of water. It may also carry vehicles, including commercial vehicles.  
Bulk carrier A merchant vessel designed for the primary purpose of carrying solid cargo in bulk. Transportation of raw materials such as iron ore and coal, or unpackaged foodstuffs such as grain and sugar.
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What do the letters that often precede the name of a ship mean?

Here is a list of the most frequently used identification letters appearing before the name of a ship that indicate its origin, function and type of propulsion:
Préfixe Signification Service Pays
ARA Armada de la Republica Argentina Armada Argentina Argentina
ARC Armada de la Republica Colombia Armada Nacional Colombia
ARV Armada Republica Venezolana Venezuelan Navy Venezuela
BAE Buque de la Armada de Ecuador Ecuadorian Navy Ecuador
BAP Buque Armada Peruana
(Navire de l’Armada du Pérou)
Peruvian Navy Peru
BNS Bangladesh Naval Ship Bangladesh Navy Bangladesh
BNS Belgium Naval Ship * Belgian Navy Belgium
BRP Barka ng Republika ng Pilipinas Philippines Navy Philippines
CCGC Canadian Coast Guard Cutter
(Vedette des garde-côtes canadiens)
Canadian Coast Guard Canada
CCGS Canadian Coast Guard Ship Canadian Coast Guard Canada
CSS Confederate States Ship Confederate States Navy American Confederate States
DSV Deep Submergence Vessel   International
FGS Federal German Ship * German Navy Germany
FS French Ship * French Navy France
FV Fishing Vessel   International
GDFS Guyanan Defense Forces Ship Guyana Defence Force Guyana
HBMS His/Her Britannic Majesty’s Ship Royal Navy United Kingdom
(en danois : KDM)
His/Her Danish Majesty’s Ship Royal Danish Navy Danemark
HMAS His/Her Majesty’s Australian Ship Royal Australian Navy Australia
HMAV His/Her Majesty’s Armed Vessel Royal Navy United Kingdom
HMBS His/Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship Bahamian Defense Force Bahamas
HMCS His/Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Canadian Maritime Command English Canada 
HMHS His/Her Majesty’s Hospital Ship Royal Navy United Kingdom
HMIS His/Her Majesty’s Indian Ship Royal Indian Navy India (under the British Empire)
HMNZS His/Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship Royal New Zealand Navy New Zealand
HMPNGS His/Her Majesty’s Papua New Guinea Ship Papuan Navy Papua-New-Guinea
HMS His/Her Majesty’s Ship Saudi Navy Saudi Arabia
HMS His/Her Majesty’s Ship Royal Swedish Navy Sweden
HMS His/Her Majesty’s Ship/Submarine Royal Navy United Kingdom
HMT His/Her Majesty’s Troopship Royal Navy United Kingdom
HMT His/Her Majesty’s Tug
(Remorqueur de Sa Majesté)
Royal Navy United Kingdom
HMY His/Her Majesty’s Yacht Royal Navy United Kingdom
(néerlandais : Hr.Ms. ou Zr.Ms.)
His/Her Netherlands Majesty’s Ship Royal Netherlands Navy Netherlands
(norvégien : KNM)
His Norwegian Majesty’s Ship
(norvégien : Kongelige Norske Marine)
Royal Norwegian Navy Norway
HS Hellenic Ship * Greek Navy Greece
HTMS His Thai Majesty’s Ship Royal Thai Navy Thailande
INS Indian Naval Ship Indian Navy India
INS Israeli Naval Ship Israeli Navy Israel
JDS JMSDF Defense Ship Japanese Army Japan (after 1945)
KD Kapal Di-Raja Royal Malaysian Navy Malaysia
KNS Kenyan Naval Ship Kenyan Navy Kenya
KV Kystvakt Norwegian Coast Guard Norway
LE Long Éireannach Irish Naval Service Ireland
MBS His/Her Majesty’s Barbadian Ship Barbadian Defence Force Barbados
MS Motor Ship   International
MSY Motor Sailing Yacht   International
MT Motor Tanker   International
MV Motor Vessel   International
MY Motor Yacht   International
NCSM Navire canadien de Sa Majesté Canadian Maritime Command French Canada
NMM Nave Marina Militare Marina Militare Italie
NNS Nigerian Naval Ship Marine nigérienne Nigeria
NRP Navio da República Portuguesa Marine portugaise Portugal
NS Nuclear Ship   International
ORP Okret Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Marine polonaise Pologne
PNS Pakistani Naval Ship Marine pakistanaise Pakistan
PS Paddle Steamer   International
RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary Marine auxiliaire United Kingdom
RFNS Republic of Fiji Naval Ship Marine des Fidji Fidji
RMS Royal Mail Steamer Navire postal United Kingdom
RN Regia Nave Regia Marina Royaume d’Italie
ROU Republica del Oriental Uruguay Marine uruguayenne Uruguay
RRS Royal Research Ship Marine de recherche United Kingdom
RV Research Vessel   International
SAS South African Ship Marine sud-africaine Afrique du Sud
SLNS Sri Lanka Naval Ship Marine du Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
SMS Seiner Majestät Schiff Kaiserliche Marine Empire allemand
SM U-## Seiner Majestät Unterseeboot Kaiserliche Marine Empire allemand
SNV Sultanate Naval Vessel Marine d’Oman Oman
SPS Spanish Naval Ship Armada Espanola Espagne
SS Steam Ship   International
STS Sail Training Ship   International
SV Sailing Vessel   International
SY Sailing Yacht   International
TCG Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Gemisi Marine turque Turquie
TS Turbine Steamer   International
TT Tender To (+ nom du navire)
(Annexe de)
TTS Trinidad and Tobago Ship Marine trinidadienne Trinité-et-Tobago
USAV United States Army Vessel Armée des États-Unis États-Unis
USCGC United States Coast Guard Cutter Garde-côtes des États-Unis États-Unis
USF United States Frigate Marine des États-Unis États-Unis
USFS United States Flagship Marine des États-Unis États-Unis
USNS United States Naval Ship Commandement du transport maritime militaire de la Marine des États-Unis États-Unis
USS United States Ship Marine des États-Unis États-Unis
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